General information

Rules for using the installations

Planeta Màgic normative: rules for the safe use of the installations.

  • Socks are obligatory.
  • Eating and drinking is forbidden inside the play areas.
  • The monitors will watch over the children and ensure the correct function of the installations.
  • We advise parents to keep their children’s personal items, such as watches, coins, rings etc.
  • We do not accept any liability for these items.
  • Planeta Màgic is a kiddie’s play area, not a kindergarten.
  • All kids that play, pay.

Safety of the installations

Tassa de relax al Planeta Màgic
Normativa EN 1176-98

Everything has been designed by specialists and is lined with high density foam, the materials are fire proof and the floor is cushioned and non-slip. All the installation complies with the strictest European standards (UNE EN 1176, EN 1177 and EN 14960; certified by TÜV Product Service and CERES CONTROL Spain – Group HBP).

Catering for people with intolerance / allergies

Nowadays you have to be prepared to be able to respond to the wide variety of allergies and intolerances that our children suffer.

We have controlled menus for celiacs, for those with intolerance/allergy to nuts, lactose, milk protein, egg and soya. Everything is prepared and served with utensils exclusively designated for this use.

We also have the specific training in food hygiene and safety, management of allergens and labelling.

We are always willing to show the information regarding allergens in our products and to talk about the specific needs of the child.

Download the invitations


You can download the invitations via this link: [Invitation]

or come and pick up the cards in the park!!!

Become a member

Discover the advantages of becoming a member! It’s completely free, you just have to fill out a form and we’ll give you your membership card. As a member you can come and play Tuesday to Friday afternoon and Saturday and Sunday morning, pay for one hour and stay as long as you want!

Carnet de soci


No, there’s no minimum number!

We blow out the candles on a pretend cake and then serve ice cream.


We have special menus for most allergies and intolerances. Whenever possible, please inform us in advance of the specific dietary needs of the children.

We might host more than one party at a time, but they have to be of a very similar age and also the total number of children is strictly controlled.

Even though there is another party, the tea and the presents are done privately, the space is not shared.

Yes, we accept most credit cards, with the exception of Amercian Express.

Parties can be reserved in person, via phone, via mail or via the form in this web.

We do ask for a deposit of 30€, this can be paid in person or via bank transfer.


We do not allow food and drink to be brought into the park.

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