Covid-19 the new normality

Re-opening after Covid-19

We hope you’re all well!!

Good news family, the whale will return on the 15th of spetember and with special protocols for covid-19.

It’s time to celebrate life again, with birthday parties o re-encounters with your class mates or any old excuse really!

At first the space will be limited to one pre-booked group per session and walk-ins will not be allowed for now.

We will offer traditional parties or ‘A tu aires’ with just one group of a minimum of 12 kids and max. 40 (which represents much less than a third capacity).

The diary is now open to take pre-reservations and you can contact us via: 


Instagram: Planeta Màgic Sant Cugat

Facebook : Planeta Màgic Sant Cugat

WhatsApp / Mòbil: 653565450

Telephone: 93 674 9928


Welcome to the new normality!!

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